Mokuti Etosha - Africa Reimagined

Stepping into Mokuti, just a quick 40 meters from the Etosha Gate, is like embarking on an exhilarating adventure. Brace yourself for a jaw-dropping contemporary safari experience that unfolds as you approach the Porte Cochere, offering a mesmerizing view straight through the lobby to the vibrant pool bar.

The gardens are not just gardens; they are a spectacle of magnificence. Picture cool, rippling water features guiding you from the lobby to the water lounge. It's not just a view; it's an uninterrupted, awe-inspiring panorama. The gardens effortlessly blend with the living spaces, creating an atmosphere that's not just inviting, but thrillingly comfortable and relaxing—a prelude to the extraordinary stay that awaits you at Mokuti Etosha.

Mokuti Etosha isn't just a destination; it's a revelation—Africa Reimagined at its most thrilling. Here, familiarity meets a breathtaking elevation, promising an experience like no other. The entire place tells a story, and there's a reason behind every detail, be it the architecture, the activities, or the overall ambiance. This is Africa Reimagined, where the natural African Safari environment is not just familiar but transformed into a uniquely authentic and exhilarating warm haven. Get ready to be captivated!