Mokuti Etosha - Africa Reimagined

Mokuti Etosha is proud to announce it's reopening on the 5th of March after a rigorous refurbishment. Not only have we recreated the exterior of the lodge under the theme "Africa Reimagined" but every touchpoint of the guest journey has been optimised and upgraded to offer you the best Safari experience Africa has to offer.

Arriving at Mokuti – a mere 40 metres from the Etosha Gate - is an experience on its own. A new contemporary safari experience greets you and will leave you speechless as you arrive at the Porte Cochere with its uninterrupted view through the lobby to the pool bar.

The gardens are magnificent, with cool rippling water features that accompany you as you step out of the lobby to the water lounge. Uninterrupted views and gardens that interact with the living spaces create an inviting, friendly, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, which sets the tone for your stay at Mokuti Etosha.

Mokuti Etosha is Africa Reimagined – where we can discern the familiar but at the same time encounter an elevation to create a unique and different experience. Everything here has a story and a reason, from the buildings to the different activities and experiences. This Africa Re-imagined encapsulates a natural African Safari environment that is familiar, but also different in a unique, authentic and warm way.