Mokuti Etosha: Africa Re-Imagined

Mokuti Etosha has undergone a complete reconstruction to present you with an extraordinary natural world of new ’under the skin’’ and up close, intimate, knowledgeable and unique experiences.

It is Africa re-imagined, immersing you into an environment that feels familiar, yet different, where the imperfections of the natural world meet the knowledge and care of all those that are intimately connected to Mokuti Etosha.

Experiences are consistently enhanced by the humble, caring, attentive yet discreet employees, who are mindful and passionate of the ambience created for your exceptional experience. Our people and all our actions at Mokuti Etosha live up to our purpose

– Creating a future, enhancing life – all the time, through our actions and interactions with everyone enhanced by our values such as Let’s talk, Let’s do it, Hooked on results, Naturally today for tomorrow, We do the right things right, We all serve and We grow people.

Every experience at Mokuti Etosha is underpinned by our purpose and living our values – be it embracing our purpose of sustainability through solar, recycling waste, selling indigenous plants, becoming carbon neutral, and debushing invader bush.

Architectural Journey


As we link to the theme of Africa Re-Imagined and the re-imagined work we have done for our logo, we also want to share a few of the things that have inspired our reimagined journey – that now live in the architecture of the new Mokuti Etosha.

Many of our walls, are lined with the natural lie stone that is harvested on Mokuti and offer a beautiful contrast to our garden surrounding and giving it a sense of place.


The thatch roofs throughout the lodge, give it an African flair a pay homage to the multitude of thatch structures many of us call home.

The pool area boasts a lot of inspiration from nature, from the termite hills to the wooden poles used for the roofing. The main focus however, is the clear straight lines that invite the eyes to follow the line direction right through from the reception to the pol area and the 360 view of the beautiful lodge from the upper terrace.

The wooden structures in the restaurant – remind of a “kraal” where we keep things together.




Logo Inspiration:  


Inspired by the endless horizons, muted tones, chalky earth and tactile textures of the area, our handcrafted design is a representation of the imperfect perfection of nature. It’s earthy, unpretentious and timeless, making it something you want to touch and experience. 

The watercolored texture at the base of the logo is inspired by the chalky earth of the pan. The lines were inspired by the endless horizons of the area and represent mirages so typically seen on a hot day.
The logo as a whole is quite open to interpretation but, more importantly, it creates a FEELING of tranquility, relaxation and space.